Many of our students train for success not only in regular classes but also for the many regional, national and international competitions they take part in.

​We are now accepting new students. Whether you are 3 or 63 NOW is the perfect time to learn the martial arts. All fitness levels welcome and we modify to your current abilities.   

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There's strength in numbers,

especially in our group classes. 

Whether it's Karate, Extreme or Kickboxing, there's a class to fit your goals. Located in Barrie our instructors and students are friendly, motivated people who'll inspire and push you.

private training

You're a lone wolf. A renegade. We get you. That's why we have so many private training options available. Whether you want kickboxing sessions, Chinese Wushu lessons, self-defense tactics or karate lessons, we can book your private training session during the daytime, evening or weekend.  Skype lessons also available!

Perfect for the person with a busy life wanting to train from home!  A 30 minute skype lesson is as low as only $30!  Skype lessons allow you to work on self-defense, karate and personal training goals.  Train in your karate uniform right from home with your new karate belts mailed directly to you!

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We offer many programs that help people from all walks of life. If you are a parent looking for a good structured environment for your child where words like respect, self discipline, focus and self confidence are practiced as second nature by our young students, than look no further!

We do not give karate belts away. Our students work hard for what they get, and know first hand the feeling of accomplishment! We love seeing the life lessons that are automatically taught just by learning the martial arts.

Our classes are structured by age and belt level. In our school everybody participates. Every student gets the individual attention they deserve with our instructors. Our classes are lead by instructors who have had success on the national and international stage.