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Put your skills to the test :  In martial arts, as in most other sports, you spend a lot of time and energy going through training and drills to improve your skills and get better. The field of play in martial arts is not the local stadium but the tournament event. Why should your child spend so much time in martial arts class working on kicks, punches, flexibility, kata and learn all those sparring combinations and strategies if they never get the opportunity to test their skills? That’s like studying so hard for a test they’ll never take!

Up your game by sparring new opponents: When you’ve trained with a particular group of individuals, over time it becomes easy for you to tell their strengths as well as their weaknesses. So you know that Cindi’s sidekick is powerful but she drops her hands or that Jeff has a great blitz and all you have to do to avoid him is to change your angle. When you know all these, you stop learning and you stop getting better. That is one of the best things about martial arts tournaments. It forces you to compete with people you don’t know, making you up your game. 

See the world beyond dojo:  You know how when you travel for the first time, or read a book about another culture, you realize that the world is way bigger than your hometown? Well that’s what a martial arts tournament does for your child. Your child (and you) get to see displays by some of the best martial artists around. It opens their eyes, and mind, to see that the world is way bigger than the dojo. Plus you get to meet a lot of great people who may become famous actors tomorrow. For example, did you know that Twilight star Taylor Lautner toured the martial arts tournament circuits before becoming a movie heartthrob?

Bond with your teammates: Martial arts is not technically a team sport, but when you’re on the RMA Dragons you build a kind of team spirit with every one of your teammates. And when you go to a tournament, the camaraderie is boosted even more. When one person is sparring, the whole group comes out to cheer and if one person loses the whole group consoles the person. Plus there is a ton of fun involved in tournaments which is a great opportunity for bonding.

Strengthen your character: The ultimate aim of most martial arts is to build the character of the participants. Of course going into the tournament, you should have winning as your goal. However, participants should realize that no matter the outcome, they will learn a great deal from the experience. Martial Arts tournaments are a character building exercise, helping some achieve humility and others gain confidence.

Whatever your child’s level or skill, martial arts tournaments are a great experience. They’ll learn a lot, meet a lot of new people and have new adventures while having fun.

Karate is one of largest sports practiced in the world with martial artists involved worldwide. Our competition training is geared towards competitive athletes who wish to enhance their speed, focus, accuracy, timing and efficiency of movement for local, regional, national and international karate competition. RMA Karate Students are welcome to participate in competitions throughout the year. 

The RMA competition team works hard always giving their personal best in their training and in their performances at many tournaments throughout the year. The competition team has been taking on the year with determination.

Along with attending tournaments, the team members and coaches are available for performances at events and fundraisers. Be sure to contact us for details.​​


​Several of our RMA Dragon team members are provincial medalists, national medalists, world medalists and world champions. As a member of the Canadian National Karate team they have proudly represented Canada at the World Karate & Kickboxing Championships.

Training takes place every Saturday and Sunday and is provided free to Dragon team members who commit to their training by attending regularly and who participate in a minimum of six tournaments each year.

A tournament schedule is provided every January with a list of approximately 16 tournaments taking place across Ontario, Quebec and the United States.

For more information about the Dragons please contact us.